Movement Workshops

These workshops are a part of the Program towards Performances and are open for single bookings for days or weeks at a time.

Movement Workshops Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays (four days) 11:00 to 13:00

July 30 to August 1 Vincent Cacialano – Body-Movement, Composing-Performance, Proprioceptive-Space

The work includes small body tuning moments, often based in a somatic study, and can range in variables to full out movement in space, focusing on a performance question. Movement ideas are explored through improvisation. Click here for more information…..


August 5-8 Miri Lee – Imprography

‘Imprography’ is the title I am currently using to represent my research in composition. Imprography is the way I wish to describe constant physical writing. I use improvisation to tone an insight of body with an alert intuition. Through my own experiences in improvisation performance, I developed a methodology that supports the performer in how they are able to consider their choices whilst under the pressure of real-time performance. Click here for more information………


August 12-15 Katie Duck  – Remember, Reminded, Detour

In this workshop I will cover materials I have researched about “why” we learn to walk and why we forget to to keep learning to walk. In my world of theatre, music and dance the body is the glue that brings all time arts together reminding us that the joy of moving is based in how we continue to be curious about the simple actions we do day to day. “Dance is fancy walking” Click here for more information…..


Movement Workshops Fridays (one day) 11:00-13:00

August 2 Tashi Iwaoka ‘Saturation Point’ 

In this workshop, we work on fullness and excess to reach the saturation point in doing, meaning, sensing and creating – that is to find the threshold of making and not making sense. How (long/much) can we sustain the state of over saturation? Click here for more information…….

Tashi is also offering massage sessions for the summer intensive participants. Go here for more information


August 9 Maria Mavridou – Disturb the Flow 

This is an intense, high paced, physical and mental practice for dancers, movers, actors or anyone curious about the body. It addresses balance, coordination, endurance, spatial awareness, speed and relation to other bodies. It is created to playfully disturb ones habitual flow of moving and thinking to open unfamiliar paths and offer new possibilities. Click here for more information………