The Summer Intensive has collected a group of local musicians who have worked within the context of Music Theatre over a number of years. These musicians will create the Music Theatre event in the Bar as the second part of the Freakatoni Witchy Weekends.

They are also participating in the Improvisation Sessions where they can meet the artists on the summer intensive and collect groups for their events. You can also ask a musician to join your collective groups for the Studio 1 events.


Musicians leading the Music Theatre Band event in the Bar:

Friday August 2 Robbert van Hulzen (Drums). Drummer & composer Robbert van Hulzen enjoys playing anywhere in the full-colour twilight between improvisation, rock, and new music, with echoes from India and Indonesia. Go here for more information………….

Saturday August 3 Camille Verhaak (Clarinet). I  am a classically trained clarinet player who decided to study the clarinet after discovering the free improvisation scene in Amsterdam at the beginning of my Philosophy studies. In June 2015 I finished my classical studies at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. Go here for more information………..

Friday August 9 Jonathan Nagel (Double Bass). My artistry is kindled by a craving to convey emotions and tell stories. Continuously I seek to abandon the borders between genres, striving to merely rely on whatever means it takes to create a certain image or feeling. My artistic practice includes music, poetry, improvisation, physical theatre, performance art, and dance. Go here for more information…….

Saturday August 10 James Hewitt (Violin). James Hewitt is active in both early and contemporary music, and becoming well known for his engaging personal style and improvisatory prowess. Go here for more information…………

Friday August 16 Mary Oliver (Viola). Mary Oliver (violin, viola, hardanger fiddle) was born in La Jolla, California, and studied at San Francisco State University (Bachelor of Music), Mills College (Master of Fine Arts) and the University of California, San Diego where she received her PhD in 1993 for her research in the theory and practice of improvised music. Go here for more information……….

Saturday August 17 Finale Band- Robbert van Hulzen (Drums), Camille Verhaak (Clarinet), Jonathan Nagel (up right Bass), James Hewitt (Violin), Mary Oliver (Viola) (and for week three) Gabor Hartyani (Cello).