Register and Prices

Program towards Freakatoni Witchy Weekend Performances / Five days a week / technical rehearsals with a light designer / 2 performance platforms per weekend.

Three weeks €500 / Two weeks €400 / one week €200

You can find the content of our weekly program towards performances on this link.

Performance (studio 1) and Music (Bar) Workshops:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 19:00-21:00 / €7 for summer course participants / €10 open to public

Sunday workshops 12:00-16:00 / €15 for summer course participants / €20 open to public

You can find the list of workshops on this link.


How to register for the Program towards Freakatoni Witchy Weekend Performances:

Contact me (Katie Duck) by email with a motivation letter (on your email or attached) and your CV (attached). It helps if you have a reference as to how you found out about the Summer Course. Specify if you wish to attend one, two or three weeks and your dates.

You can register for three weeks, for two weeks (weeks 1 and 2 or weeks 2 and 3), or for one week (weeks 1 or week 2)”. You cannot register for this program for days at a time or for week 3 on its own.

We accept 20 people to register for three weeks, 10 people for two weeks and 10 people for one week. You need to register well in advance because places fill up quickly and we do want to work with you!

I will come back to you with an official invitation from Stichting Magpie (non-profit organisation in the Netherlands) which you can use to pursue funding and/or visa purposes. Once payments are made into our accounts you will receive a receipt from Stichting Magpie (attached) on your email. If you need a signature on your receipt, please bring it with you to the workshop and I can sign it for you.

You will need to make your payments for this program in advance to our accounts by May 2019. If you are applying for funding for your  payments, please let me know the deadline for when you will know your funding results. If you need to delay payments or need to pay cash on arrival, please let me know. I will hold your place with late payments or cash on arrival if you show me your travel (flight) tickets and proof of your arranged housing in Amsterdam.

Payments in advance for the Program towards Performances – Bank transfer:

Stichting Magpie,  Bank: ING Amsterdam / Bank address – Kinkerstraat 130a, 1053EE, Amsterdam / Bank account number (same as the IBAN code): NL22INGB0009476524 / BIC: INGBNL2A

You can also do your transfer with PayPal using my email address Please let me know in advance how you plan to transfer your funds into our accounts.

If there is a international over-charge when you transfer you payment we will need for you to give us the difference on arrival to the Summer Course (cash).

Unfortunately, if you have made payments into our account and you need to cancel your place on the Summer Course, we can not give you a refund. It is possible for us to reserve your funds in our account for work within the Summer Course (2021).

How to register for workshops:

You can either show up for a workshop or come to me to register. Performance Workshops in studio 1 are 20 people Max. Music workshops in the Bar are 10 people Max. If you pre register with me for a workshop, I will hold your place on a list. If you are a Musician please let me know what instrument you play or if you are a singer/vocal artist. You do not do advanced payments into the account for Workshops. You pay cash on arrival (please bring exact amount). 


The summer course does not provide housing as part of our organisation. We do provide a limited support system for housing collecting sublets in Amsterdam from people who are leaving their flats or rooms for the summer. There is a guest room in the OT301 space that can be rented. It contains four beds. You can come to me by email for details about these rooms in the OT301 building. I will begin to send to you by email the lists of sublets we find in Amsterdam by May-June 2019. There are never enough sublets for all of the participants of the summer course. If you can independently find a housing option in Amsterdam we suggest you pursue this.

Once you have registered and paid for your place in the program towards Performances, please read the paper below (link). The OT301 is a public building with several public spaces and studios. We ask that you read the list of rules so we do disturb the residence in the building.

Letter for anyone who is registered for the course with all the details you will need and rules about OT301

Visual week to week / day to day schedule of the Summer Intensive