Tashi Iwaoka Movement workshop Friday August 2 11:00-13:00 Studio 1

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Saturation Point’ 

In this workshop, we work on fullness and excess to reach the saturation point in doing, meaning, sensing and creating – that is to find the threshold of making and not making sense.
How (long/much) can we sustain the state of over saturation?

What would it bring about?
This workshop is rather experimental.


Tashi Iwaoka

I am an Amsterdam based performance artist/mover studied Contemporary Arts BA(Hons) at Nottingham Trent University (1997-2001 Nottingham UK), Dance and Choreography as a guest student at School for New Dance Development (2002-2003 Amsterdam NL) and Performance Research at DasArts (2004-2007 Amsterdam NL).

After my first Butoh experiences in 1997 with Kazuo Ohno and Kim Itoh in Japan, I practiced Butoh based bodywork for over 10 years. Currently I am practising Budo, Japanese martial arts, and working on finding the nucleus of human expression and connection, in relationship to movement skills I have learnt that one of the central driving forces for this is the attempt to fuse my oriental roots and Western perspectives to form a more proper view on ‘being a human’ in this world. I wish to de-center the universality of Eastern wisdom in order to help us understand what it is to be a human.