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This website will be updated by October 2019 for the Improvisation Summer Intensive 2020 

Artistic Director: Katie Duck

The improvisation Summer Intensive has been an annual event in Amsterdam since 2009 (Archive 2009 to 2018). 

We accept participants from all backgrounds, ages, nationality, orientations and experiences who have a curiosity for interdisciplinary art practices, collaboration and composition in the context of real time performance. 

The support group for the Summer Intensive are interdisciplinary Amsterdam based artists who meet throughout the year in sessions, workshops and performances at the OT301 Cultural Centre. We gather international artists at the OT301 in Amsterdam to experiment and find solutions to survive the international trends that institutionalise and alienate creativity in art.

The Programs towards Performances contains workshops and sessions in the mornings and afternoons alongside rehearsals in the evenings towards weekend performances. You can register for this Program one, two or three weeks.

If you do not wish to be involved in the program towards performances, you can register for Movement and/or Interdisciplinary Workshops separately for days or weeks at a time.

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