JULY 29 to AUGUST 17

This website will be updated for the 2019 program by the end of December 2018. Registration will begin by the end of January 2019.                           

Artistic Director: Katie Duck

The improvisation Summer Course was initiated by Katie Duck and has been an annual Amsterdam event since 2009. The structure of the course is designed for musicians, dancers, vocalist, actors, text artists and performance artists to engage in intensive study alongside weekend performance events and to practice their on going process within a community of international artists. Archive 2009 to 2018

The improvisation Summer Course is facilitated by a community of interdisciplinary Amsterdam based artists who meet through out the year in sessions, performances, on-going projects and workshops in the OT301 Cultural Center where the Summer Course takes place. We offer  two directions for how you wish to form your program. We advice you to go to Course Programs to begin to find your options for registration with the Improvisation Summer course.