August 3 to 22


This website is being updated. Registration will begin by February 2020

Artistic Director: Katie Duck

The improvisation Summer Course has been an annual event in Amsterdam since 2009. For the past 11 years Katie Duck has gathered international artists in Amsterdam for three weeks in the summer to participate in a five day a week intensive program towards real time compositions. This work is then placed within the Freakaotni Witchy Weekend performance platform Friday and Saturdays in the OT301 theatre and Bar in front of live publics. 

We accept participants from all backgrounds, ages, nationality, orientations and experiences who have a curiosity for interdisciplinary art practices, collaboration and composition in the context of real time performance. You can register for this Program one, two or three weeks.

We also offer Performance and Music workshops during the Improvisation Summer Course on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and on the Sunday afternoons.







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