Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam 2022 August

The Improvisation Summer Course was cancelled in 2020 and now in 2021. This is because most of our participants travel to Amsterdam from abroad. Due to the pandemic, travel has become more complicated. We are anticipating being able to return to the OT301 in 2022 to do the three weeks course and performance platform. Our plan is to continue to have the same staff, program and schedule that is placed on this website (links above) .

Katie Duck will be holding a five day multi-disciplinary workshop in the OT301 August 9-14, 2021. If you are going to be in Amsterdam and are interested in attending this workshop please register:

Katie Duck has been gathering international artists to participate in a weekly Course Program towards real time compositions in Amsterdam since 2009. The work that evolves out of the Course Program is placed in front of live public within the Freakatoni Witchy Weekend Festival every Friday and Saturday evening. 

Improvisation is not the antithesis of choreography or composition within the Summer Course Program. It is how the artwork is created and how the interdisciplinary practices merge in both the studio rehearsal setting and the newness of real-time improvised performance. 

We accept participants from all backgrounds, ages, nationalities, orientations and experiences who have a curiosity for interdisciplinary collaboration in the context of real time performance. You can register for the Course Program for one, two or three weeks.

This year we are offering Open Workshops during the period of the Improvisation Summer Course for anyone who would prefer to do shorter study periods. Open Workshops take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and on Sunday afternoons. 

The Course Program, the Freakatoni Witchy Weekend Festival and the Open Workshops are located at the OT301 Cultural Centre Theatre and Bar.



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