Location of the Improvisation Summer Intensive Amsterdam: OT301 Cultural Center

Overtoom 301 / 1054 HW Amsterdam, the Netherlands / Link to routes

The OT301 was squatted by artists in Amsterdam in the early 2000’s. Two years later is was legitimized as a sub Culture Center for diverse community and international art activities including experimental music, theater, poetry, visual art, dance, film, workshops and classes.

The building is in old west central Amsterdam, with an Art Deco decor rumbled between the constant renovations and graffiti. The building has four floors of ateliers, movement and dance studios, galleries, cinema, theatre for live performances and sound/recording studios. It is set right on the vondel park, the largest park in the city.

The Improvisation Summer Intensive takes place on the ground floor Studio 1 theatre space with a full sound and lighting board where the workshops, improvisation sessions, rehearsals and the first part of the performances take place. The studio 1 theatre is connected to a bar and lounge space where breaks take place during the week, the second part of the performances takes place led by a musician, and audiences gather around the band for the weekend performances. The summer intensive also uses the Bodlabot studio, located on the first floor, the Gallery located on the ground floor, the AnaMorphic studio located on the top floor of the building for rehearsal spaces. There is a garden in the front of the building, a smoke room and a back outside area for breaks. Between these five spaces, the summer intensive runs with an aim for the participants to plant themselves into the building and get to the work.


Day to day schedule on the Summer Intensive




Freakatoni Witchy Weekend

Katie Duck

Sharon Smith

Vincent Cacialano

Ellen Knops

Miri Lee  

Manuela Tessi

Tashi Iwaoka 

Maria Mavridou 

Robbert van Hulzen

Camille Verhaak

Jonathan Nagel 

James Hewitt

Mary Oliver

Gabor Hartyani

Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka

Xenia Perek

Noortje Kohne