Rehearsals towards Performances

Performances are held on the Friday and Saturday evening of each weekend in two parts. 20:00-21:00 in Studio 1. 21:00 to 22:00 in the Bar.

The first part in Studio 1 is led by collective groups; two groups each evening, four groups each weekend, 15 to 20 minute pieces each group. 

The second part is led by a local musician towards a Music Theatre event; mix of musicians and performers, 40 minutes, with an improvisation music band to finish the evening.

Go here to see the list of musicians who will be leading the Music Theatre Bar events and their dates.

Process for choosing groups:

Every Monday at the beginning of the Interdisciplinary workshop, individual artists choose the group they wish to collaborate with and the evening that group will perform (Friday or Saturday). Rehearsals begin that evening Monday 19:00-22:00 in four different spaces in the OT301 building; Studio 1, the Gallery, Bodlabot studio and the AnaMorphic studio.

On Mondays groups can decide to break up their rehearsal time table into mini groups allowing for ideas to be broken down or work with the whole group.

On Tuesdays, groups work in collaboration with advisers Maria Mavridou, Manuela Tessi and Tashi Iwaoka 20:00-22:00 (three weeks) and with artists who are teaching on the intensive (one week).

Go here to find the list of advisers added each week.

On Wednesdays groups work on their own towards the performances.

On Thursdays, 16:45-20:00, the two groups who will be performing in Studio 1 on the Friday evening have a rehearsal with Ellen Knops (light designer) and Ksenia Perek (MC performance artist). 20:00-22:00 rehearsal for the Music Theatre event in the Bar. The remaining Saturday groups are given the Bodlabot studio and the AnaMorphic studio for rehearsal.

On Saturday, 12:00-15:00, the two groups who will be performing in Studio 1 on the Saturday evening have a rehearsal with Ellen Knops (light designer) and Ksenia Perek (MC performance artist). 15:00-17:00 rehearsal for the Music Theatre event in the Bar.

Through out the week, the musician who is leading the Music Theatre Bar event, will elect performers and musicians to participate in their event. It is advised that if you are performing in the Studio 1 on the Friday you accept to participate in the Music theatre event in the Bar on the Saturday (for example).

Organising the four groups:

Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka will help with organising individuals into the four groups at the beginning of the Interdisciplinary workshop every Monday. We advise that, during the first three days of your rehearsal process 19:00-22:00 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, groups change spaces for rehearsal to keep the work fresh. Izabela will organise your rehearsal spaces and place the list of names in each group on our promotional material by Tuesday of each week. 


Ellen Knops will design the lighting for all of the performances. Ellen is a real time light artist who will take an over-view of your performances advising the order for each evening.


Xenia Perek is the MC for all of the performances. Her participation creates a seamless event for the publics out of the two groups involved each evening in Studio 1 and guides the public into the Bar for the Music Theatre event.

Stage Manager
Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka is your stage manager. She will help with all of the set ups you may need and is your go-to person for any questions you have about your events. She is also the person who will help you to form your groups on the Mondays at the beginning of the Interdisciplinary workshops.


The studio 1 has a full sound system. The Bar has a simple sound system. We can provide amps where needed. Sound check for all the performances will take place during the Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon rehearsals prior to your performances in Studio 1 and in the Bar Friday and Saturday before the events. If you are using (recorded) mixes for your event or have any questions about the sound system in either Studio 1 or the bar, you need to work with Manuela Tessi who will be your sound technician for the events.

Video recording:

The performances are recorded each weekend by Kage Park. The footage is placed on a hard drive by Arjan van Muyen who will pass footage to the artists involved.



The Summer Intensive provides a promotional campaign gathering public out of local supporters and tourists in Amsterdam during the summer. We have a social network access that is up dated weekly with the names of all participants in the performances.

Facebook page:

Arjan van Muyen will create your facebook page where you can continue your discussions about your performance work with your groups and pass general information.