Welcome Letter

Visual agenda of the week to week, day to day schedule of the Summer Intensive

Staff 2019

Artistic Director: Katie Duck

Lighting designer for rehearsals and performances. Adviser for the order of events for the performances: Ellen Knops.

Artistic advisors: Weeks 1, 2, 3 Manuela Tessi and Maria Mavridou. Week 1 Vincent Cacialano and Tashi Iwaoka. Week 2 Miri Lee. Week 3 Sharon Smith.

Assisting forming groups, scheduling rehearsal spaces and Stage management: Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka.

MC for the Freakaotni Witchy weekends: Xenia Perek.

Video recording of the Freakatoni events: Kage Park.

IT person on the summer intensive (passes footage and up keeps facebook page): Arjan van Muyen.

O301 representative for the building: (Name TBA). 

Teachers 2018:

Music Theater Workshop: Katie Duck and Sharon Smith.

Movement workshops four days a week: week 1 Vincent Cacialono, week 2 Miri Lee, week 3 Katie Duck.

Movement workshop one day (Fridays): week 1 Tash Iwaoka, week 2 Maria Mavridou.

Light workshop one day (Tuesdays): week 1 Ellen Knops.

Alexander workshop one day (Tuesday): week 2 Noortje Kohne.

Musicians leading the Music Theatre events in the Bar / playing in the improvisation sessions / available for collaboration groups: Robbert van Hulzen (drums), James Hewitt (Violin), Jonathan Negel (Double bass), Camille Verhaak (Clarinet), Mary Oliver (Violin).

If you are coming to the summer intensive week one only, consider remaining until Sunday so you can join this special workshop Sunday August 4 


If you are coming for weeks one and two only, consider remaining until Sunday so you can see this performance August 11.


Arriving to OT301:

If you are doing the program towards Performances, please arrive at 10:00 on the first day if possible so we can orientate you around the OT301 building. First movement workshop begins at 11:00 in Studio 1.

If you arrive on the second week, please meet with Katie after the movement classes at 12:00 she can take you through the building.

No one can register for the third week on it’s own unless you are doing a Movement workshop or Interdisciplinary workshop as a single booking.

Registration for the Program towards Performances is three weeks, two weeks or one week. (One week bookings can be weeks 1 or 2 only. Two weeks bookings are weeks 1 and 2 or weeks 2 and 3).

If you are arriving to do either a Movement workshop or the Interdisciplinary workshop (single booking), you do not need to arrive early. Workshops are in Studio 1, ground floor of the OT301 building.


OT301 Cultural Center, Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam contact/route

Studio 1 ground floor / BAR ground floor / The Gallery ground floor / bodlabot301 first floor / AnaMorphic studio fourth floor.

Attic studio, (Alexander lessons, one to one music sessions, tutorials) Wilhelminastraat 139-3, 1054 WC Amsterdam (Around the corner from the OT301 4th floor).

The facility:

For cleaning, shopping, bar tending and over-all help in the summer course facility, we have local artists who will take care of these jobs.

We have cutlery, glasses, cups and plates for you to use in the bar area. We ask that you make sure to place all your items back in the bar area in the sinks for the helpers to clean and put away daily.

The summer course will have two bathroom facilities on the ground floor and first floor that you can use through out the course.

There is plenty of space in the bar area for you to change, store your belongings and place food in the fridge.

The summer course will supply fruit, coffee, tea, milk and biscuits for your breaks in the bar area.

The Neighbourhood:

The OT301 is located in the old west Amsterdam. There is a small street directly in front of the OT301, Jan Pieter Heijestraat where you can find many restaurants of all international cuisines, coffee shops , grocery shops and wine bars.

The Vondel park is one of the largest parks in Amsterdam. It is directly behind the OT301 where you can have an outdoor picnic on breaks.

People in Amsterdam ride bikes. You can rent a bike:



Or if you use trams, tram 1 or 11 stops right in front of OT301. Trams 3, 12 and 7 stop very near OT301. You need to get a tram card at a tobacco shop or at the Albert Heijn (grocery shops). If you go on a tram they do not accept cash. They only accept bank cards or public transport cards.

The RULES in the OT301 building:

The Doors / The Keys

We have a person from the OT301 building who will be doing all of the opening and closing of the street doors, Studio 1 and BAR doors. (Name TBA)

The front door needs to be closed most of the times, especially when we will be working in the studios. We will open the door in the morning before the movement workshop at 10:00 if you wish to come early to warm up. If you are late you can call Izabella and she will come to open the door for you / ++31 (0) 643698106.

The door will be open again in the breaks so you can go out and do shopping , etc.

We can access the front yard in the breaks, please be quiet in the yard after 22:00 the neighbours are quite sensitive.

Bikes need to be parked outside of the building, even if there are racks in the yard. Those are for the residents of the OT301 building only. It has to do with neighbour disturbance.

Please be respectful of all spaces of OT301. It is a cultural centre where many activities take place throughout the year, many artists are working there and some of them live in the building. Please always be quiet in the corridor of each floor and don’t access any of the balconies or terraces on the roof. Please be careful with sound in the outside areas of the building in the evenings for the neighbours.

Studio Bodlabot, the Gallery, AnaMorphic studio (wooden floors):

If you are working with music (live or recorded) please close the window after 21:00. No food, drinks or shoes are allowed in these studios. Please do not use any objects that could damage the wooden floor. If you need a chair inside you could place it on an old yoga mat.

The keys to the studio Bodlabot will need to be coordinated with Izabella for rehearsal schedules.

Studio 1:

Please do not play with the sound system unless Manuela Tessi is present.

The floor in studio 1 is cement but very smooth and clean. We suggest that you bring alternative shoes to test out in the space.

Please do not leave food or drink items in the studio once you have finished your work there. Replace food items in the BAR area.


Drinks will be served at the bar during the Freakatoni Witchy Weekends by staff from the OT301 crew. 

During the week you can bring your own drinks and food. There is plenty of room to store your food and drink in the bar area fridge. We have a kettle and an electric cooker to heat up food with a few pots you can use. There are plates, cutlery, glasses and cups.

The summer course provides coffee, tea, milk, fruit, nuts and biscuits daily in the breaks. Please place your dishes in the sink in the bar area.

You can smoke in the smoking room just outside the BAR area, in an outside corridor just outside the BAR area and in the small garden in the front of the building.

In the evenings, please be careful with sound when you are using the outside areas of the building. We do not want to disturb the neighbours who live in and around the OT301 building.

Welcome. Looking forward to the work!