Ellen Knops

Real Time Lighting Design

Light changes the atmosphere and distorts how time is passing with each shift I make in the theatre space. It is a powerful aspect of how the public perceives tension and how dancers, performers, and musicians are defined visually. In real-time theatre, I am able to influence, and therefore, interact with the choices the performance artists are making.

This is a specific study for performance artists in how they need to feel and read the light states and changes while in the process of executing their work. In the workshop, I want to do short improvisation sessions, allowing for the performance artists to be in the piece or out viewing, using different light states and shifts so that the performance artists have an opportunity to experience the possibilities light can produce in real-time. We will engage in feedback and discussion during the breaks and I will share some of the technical realities of my work.

As the person behind the light board, there is an obvious visual position I have that is located equal to the public view in a playing space. It is from this position I make choices. The aim of this workshop, is to guide the dancers towards recognizing from their visual position, how light is affecting the time, tension, and atmosphere in the playing space and to discover an interactive relationship with me behind the board. The question we will address is; how does light influence real-time performance?

I will use lighting as part of your creation processes to highlight the tension in the space and to support the performance level; raising to a public presentation performative level in a rehearsal context.

I give feedback based on how you are using the light designs and how you are working as a collaboration toward your piece. 

In your technical rehearsal, I offer feedback, light design, and suggest the order of events.

I then collaborate with you in the performances with real-time light design.

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