Improvisation Sessions

16:45 – 18:45 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 

(There will be an additional session held on the Tuesday August 13 week 3)

The improvisation sessions on the Summer Intensive are reflective of the Sunday Sessions held weekly at the OT301 Bodlabot studio by the Amsterdam community of dancers, performers, text artists and musicians. 

These Sessions are held in the studio 1 space integrating lighting, music, dance, text, performance art, acting and song with a fully equipped lighting board and sound system.

We invite participants to lift isolated discussions, questions, statements and ideas in this platform bringing up any issues that arise out of the workshops, out of individual rehearsal processes towards performances. 

An adviser will be elected to help get the session started and to move a discussion along towards the practice. 

The Summer Intensive provides local musicians to share in the practice of these sessions. You are invited to ask these musicians to join your performance groups out of the work that happens in the sessions.

Monday of each week, we will use the first part of the session to finalise the four collective groups for the up coming Freakatoni Witchy weekend performances (studio 1).

Advisers in the sessions schedule: 

Week one – Monday July 29 Manuela Tessi / Wednesday July 31 Vincent Cacialano / Friday August 2 Ellen Knops

Week two – Monday August 5 Maria Mavridou / Wednesday August 7 Miri Lee / Friday August 9 Mary Oliver

Week three – Monday August 12 Manuela Tessi / Tuesday August 13 Sharon Smith / Wednesday August 14 Maria Mavridou / Friday August 16 Ellen Knops 

Musicians in the sessions schedule: 

Week 1

Monday July 29, Wednesday July 31, Friday August 2 Jonathan Nagel (Double Bass)

Monday July 29, Wednesday July 31, Friday August 2 Robbert van Hulzen (Drums)

Wednesday July 31 August 2 Noortje Kohne (Viola)

Week 2 

Monday August 5, Wednesday August 7, Friday August 9 James Hewitt (Violin)

Monday August 5, Wednesday August 7, Friday August 9 Camille Verhaak (Clarinet)

Friday August 9 Noortje Kohne (Viola)

Week 3 

Monday August 12 , Tuesday August 13, Wednesday August 14, Friday August 16 Mary Oliver (Viola)

Monday August 12 James Hewitt (Violin)

Tuesday August 13 Camille Verhaak (Clarinet)

Tuesday August 13 Noortje Kohne (Viola)

Wednesday August 14 Robbert van Hulzen (Drums)

Friday August 16 Jonathan Nagel (Double Bass)