Attic studio, Wilhelminastraat 139-3, 1054 WC Amsterdam. Beginning October 7 to December 18, Wednesdays and Fridays, 16:00-18:00 €10, 6 people max per class. Register in advance only:


In this workshop I will cover materials I have researched about “why” we learn to walk and “why” we forget to continue learning to walk. In my world of theatre, music and dance, the body is the glue that brings all time arts together reminding us that the joy of moving is based in how we continue to be curious about the simple actions we do day to day.

“Dance is fancy walking”

We will begin the work using simple movement tasks that wake up our physical/mental awareness.

“Tell the brain to tell the mind to shut up ……… body obey me” 

The aim is to re kindle a curiosity for discovering movement, question what motivates you to move and “why” you choose to go one direction or another in any given creative situation.

“80% of the people on the planet forget that they have a body once they reach adulthood. Before that, it was the first thing we remembered as we woke in the morning glee full and proud that we learned to step out of our beds. We remember we have a body, we are reminded we have a body, we take detours in order to re-discover daily we have a body” 

I will increase the work I do in my interdisciplinary workshop about how the eyes and ears are a basic part of our physicality, that there is a differences in how we look, watch or see. In how we hear or listen.

I will integrate the the question; is the wall coming towards us or are we are going towards the wall?

The agility we have to orientate ourselves in space it is a gift. As we move through space, the chemical rush we receive to the brain enhances our perception of “Body Body Body”.