Ksenia Perek

Ksenia Perek (PL, 1993) lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated from the Fine Arts department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL (2018). Perek treats her art performances as an artwork, equal to a painting or a sculpture. She actualises forms such as an interview, letter and a manifesto. Perek elaborates in installation, sculptural costume and free use of an electric guitar. In her work she searches for a spectrum of possible positions of fine art and performance art towards collective (political and artistic) memory. Since 2019 Perek has been represented by contemporary art gallery ADA, Rome, IT.

Credits: IT IS THE WAY I LIKE IT, 2022, 55 min, Tempel, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, supported by AFK, photo by Jitske Nap

Instagram @ksenia.perek

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