Manuela Lucia Tessi  

I am a movement artist with a great love for music. My motivation to create dance is in relation to the sonic: movement to listen to, sound to be seen.

I studied at the AHK  (Modern Theatre Dance Department) in Amsterdam. 

I create in collaboration with musicians and composers. In movement I look for sensuousness and embodiment, a dance that can be felt by the spectator on a visceral level.

I believe in the blurring of boundaries of genres, styles and disciplines, and in the fluid relationship between process and product, seeing the product as constantly evolving while listening to its context. 

Some of my recent projects include Nebulae Collective, a Dutch-Italian collective of dancers,  and the ensemble Moving Strings, a non-hierarchical creative performing ensemble.

With Amsterdam as a base, I work internationally, in the last few years spending some of the time in Berlin and Cape Town where I have created platforms for interdisciplinary real- time performances, in collaboration with local artists.

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