Maria Mavridou Movement Workshop Friday August 9 11:00-13:00 Studio 1

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This is an intense, high paced, physical and mental practice for dancers, movers, actors or anyone curious about the body.

It addresses balance, coordination, endurance, spatial awareness, speed and relation to other bodies. It is created to playfully disturb ones habitual flow of moving and thinking to open unfamiliar paths and offer new possibilities.

The work uses repetitive patterns and multiple, often counter-intuitive tasks as it builds in intensity and complexity. Exercises that activate moving dialogues with partners and games that involve the whole group are introduced throughout the work. Tasks for movement exploration that engage the imagination are blended in. Hands-on work with partners is used as a way to undo tension and re-negotiate limits.

Attention is not placed on form, but rather on the quality of concentration and the ability to make oneself available to change. The participants are asked to stay present and not give up, let their body and mind find new solutions through the challenge of complexity, tiredness and possible confusions.

A big chunk of the exercises and games proposed have been developed through the research and training platform Dangerous Mouses, set up in collaboration with performer/choreographer Pablo Fontdevila. My main source of inspiration is coming from the practice of Body Weather, yet, I do use, insert and play with materials from all kinds of places (folk dances, children’s games, martial arts) as well as anything else that triggers my imagination and desire for moving, to stay fresh, inspired and keep transforming.


I am a performing artist based in Amsterdam. A graduate of the SNDO (Amsterdam) and the State School of Dance (Athens) with post-post-graduate studies at the Movement Research and Dance Space Center (New York) as a recipient of the Onassis Foundation scholarship. I work internationally developing solo work, collaborating with artists from the field of dance, performance, music and visual arts and offering workshops on movement research and improvisation.