Dudude Herman (Brazil) OT301 March 21-22 Workshop

ENCONTRO PRçTICO – Daniel Lepkoff (EUA)

Here and now – Between Dance and Poetics


This workshop is a proposal to work between the spaces created by the lines of movement generate in the scene. For that we need to relocate the body, to displace, to follow the traces of the movement, so with that, to work with what was scratched and traced into the lines of the movement.

“Let it move to make, remake and unmake”.
We will seek to work on actions, to have the verb as inspiration to create sensitive moods where the dance can settle and generate related subjects focused on general poetics – preferably large and profound. Multiple subjects in the interpellation of an artistic body that hangs on the wind of inspirations and exhalations.

“To have fun while being present”.


Dudude is an artist recognized not only for her work in dance, but also for the creations in which she intersects dance and other artistic languages, such as: theater, performance and music. She was awarded several times as director, choreographer and performer – with a singular signature in the arts that she acquired national projection over 40 years of career. She stands out as a pioneer in the study and practice of improvisation in dance in Brazil. Her work is inspired by nature, Human Ecology and also investigates the relationship: World Body – Body World.

Educational work

Dudude has an extensive experience as a dance teacher, which began at the Transforma-Contemporary Dance Center in 1974. In 1994 she opened her own Studio – Estúdio Dudude Herrmann (EDH) – which worked until June 2009. The artist has developed a unique way of teaching and understanding the language of contemporary dance; she built her own pedagogy, which has the organic body as a base of understanding, with the support of somatic education directed to the language of improvisation in dance. Dudude’s workshops focus on the language of dance and improvisation in dance. In 2011 she published her first book: Notebook of Notations – the poetics of the movement in the space of outside and premiered A Projetista, with direction of Cristiane Paoli Quito (São Paulo – Brazil), work which has been performed in several festivals and theaters in Brazil. In 2016 she premiered her new creation: Sublime Travessia.  Dudude still have an Atelier of Art which she promotes actions focused in the contemporary art and continues working in the matters of life and art. www.coisasdedudude.blogspot.com.br