James Hewitt “From Text to Music”

Music is often described as a ‘language’, and improvisation as a
conversation or argument; anyone who knows how to speak, is already

In this workshop we will explore how the sound of the voice, words,
description/imagery, text structures, and forms of interaction/dialogue,
can be used as tools to free the imagination and feed into the process of
musical creation.


Location of the Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam

OT301 Cultural Center

Overtoom 301 / 1054 HW Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

The OT301 was squatted by artists in Amsterdam in the early 2000’s. Two years later it was legitimised as a sub Culture Centre for diverse community and international art activities including experimental music, theatre, poetry, visual art, dance, film, workshops and classes.

The building is in old west central Amsterdam, with an Art Deco decor rumbled between the constant renovations and graffiti. The building has four floors of ateliers, movement and dance studios, galleries, cinema, theatre for live performances and sound/recording studios. It is set right on the Vondelpark, the largest park in the city.

The Improvisation Summer Course daily work and the performances take place on the ground floor Studio 1 theatre space and Bar (ground floor). The studio 1 theatre is a fully a equipped theatre connected to the Bar by two large doors. The Bar is the lounge area where the second part of the performances takes place, and audiences gather for drinks. We add the Gallery studio (ground floor) and the Bodlabot studio (first floor) for the individual rehearsals. Lunch is served daily and a dinner on the Mondays, exclusively for the Summer Course participants, in de Peper (ground floor OT301 building). It is open to the public for dinner on the Friday and Saturday Freakatoni Witchy Weekend evenings. De Peper exists on the policy to not set their fee for a meal. They ask that you pay what ever it is you can afford.


Musician Performer – Jonathan Nagel

My artistry is kindled by a craving to convey emotions and tell stories. Continuously I seek to abandon the borders between genres, striving to merely rely on whatever means it takes to create a certain image or feeling. My artistic practice includes music, poetry, improvisation, physical theatre, performance art, and dance.

Formerly trained as a jazz contrabass player, I have been questioning art education for years during my studies at Universität der künste (Berlin, de), Rytmisk musikkonservatorium (Copenhagen, dk), University of the arts (Philadelphia, usa), Prins claus Conservatorium (Groningen, nl). Eventually I graduated as master of music from the European jazz master program at Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Amsterdam, nl) in 2018.

I have worked with internationally esteemed improvising artists such as Michael Moore, Axel Dörner, Tristan Honsinger, Simon Rose, Katie Duck, Vincent von Schlippenbach, and many others. Currently I live and work in Amsterdam (nl) and Berlin (de).